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Share and download latest booters , room tools , id creators, voice tools, chat clients & lot more exciting stuffs of Yahoo! You call also share your hacking tips out here & I'll add a Forum for ID trading soon.
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 booters for newbie

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PostSubject: booters for newbie   Mon Jun 11, 2007 12:23 am

scratch Booting isnt at all a difficult thing. We just make it hard on ourselves, by thinking its harder than it actually is. Booters today are quite simple to use and dont require much knowledge at all, just a bit of common sense.

To boot you need only 3 things. The first of which is obviously a booter. The second would be bots, the third would be all the additional support files.

Well start with the booter. For newbies I recommend any single login booter or bomber. It doesnt matter the options or if it can hit tunnel or not you are just learning at this point. Learning to boot is like anything else, you dont start with the hard stuff first. If you were learning to play guitar would you start by trying to play Stairway to Heaven, no of course not. I can speak from experience when you are learning to play guitar one of the first songs they teach you is Mary Had A Little Lamb. So the one bot booter will be our Mary Had A Little Lamb. So go search through the downloads section and find yourself a single bot login booter. Ill wait! Once you have it downloaded unzip* the booter and put it in a folder called booters on your desktop. In case you haven't noticed you will need to make this folder on your desktop. As with windows they dont include a folder called booters hmmm I wonder why!! Make sure each booter resides in its own subfolder inside this main folder. Youll understand why as you gain more experience and start using more complex booters.

OK now that you have your booter you are probably wondering what a bot is and how you get one. Both are simple, a bot is a Yahoo ID. Dont try and use your Yahoo ID as a bot, you are risking it getting banned and your Yahoo ID can only be logged into one program or device at a time. In fact dont use any Yahoo ID that you use for chatting if you intend on keeping it, bots get BANNED, allot.

Now that we know what a bot is, we need to make some. For this tutorial I am using Phycko ID Creator (I normally use Easy ID Creator). I am using this for the tutorial and recommend you use this or one similar to it until you get a better feel for making bots. Newbies shouldnt be using ID creators (like Easy ID Creator) that require proxies (I wont go into what a proxy is in this tutorial). Odds are if you cant boot, you wont be able to scan for working proxies either. So stick with something like the above mentioned ID Maker. Making a bot is like making any other Yahoo ID. Except you are using this strictly for booting purposes, therefore it wont need an email addy. So you can uncheck that when creating your Bots. For those who are wondering, yes you can just go to yahoo.com and make bots. Although it is quite slow to make them that way and you are limited on the number you can make in any 24 hour period.

Now that you have created your bot(s) Always make more then you will need. If the booter calls for 1 then make 5, youll need em, trust me.

Well come back to the booter and the bots in a bit. There is a few other things you will need. The support files. There is a large collection of support files in the needed files section of DarkYahoo. The very first thing I would grab is Needed Files Pack it contains the majority of the support files you will need. After you download it unzip the package into a temporary folder and then copy the files you your windows/system32 folder for Win9x, WinME and WinXP, for Windows NT, Win2k and XP that has been upgraded from these you will place the files in your winnt/system32 folder. If it says that you already have this file then DO NOT OVERWRITE the file it is already registered for you.

Youll notice that most if not all booters also come with support files. I recommend putting those into the system32 folder as well. Theres allot of reasons for this one of which is this if you download lets say 10 booters. Thats potentially 10 copies of mswinsck.ocx you downloaded along with the booters. Oh now you can leave them in the folder the booter is in and it will work just fine and waste about 10 megs (Mswinsck.ocx is about 1meg unzipped). of hard drive space and have 10 more Registry entries all of which have to be loaded into memory, slowing down your Computer. Or you can just put one copy of mswinsck.ocx into your system32 folder have less hard drive space wasted and only one registry entry that has to be loaded into memory. Most booters use the same support files so if you have 100 booters on your computer you could potentially waste gigabytes of space leaving the support files** in the same folder as the booter. The choice seems obvious to me. Hint: If you are using dialup you probably already have mswinsck.ocx

Youll also need the VB Runtime Installer its an executable file and will automatically install the VB runtime files for you. Once you have completed putting all the files in the system32 folder I recommend you reboot your system so the files can be registered.

Now that we have all that covered lets go back to our booter, shall we? As I said earlier booting is easy. We got through all the hard stuff now we can have some fun. In order to boot you will need your booter (remember we are working with a single login booter) and one bot. Both of which you should have by now. Open your booter it might have a intro or not, doesnt really matter. Some booters you might have to click login options. If so do that, if not just type in the name of your bot in the username box. In the password box type in the password and click login. The name of the person you want to boot goes in the last box, sometimes called victim, lamer or whatever the programmer called it. I dont run tunnel and I just run messy 6.0 so I usually test the booters on myself first or if you have a friend who doesnt mind helping you out go ahead and ASK them before booting. It tends to piss people off when you boot them without asking. If they went buh bye and you didnt get any errors then congrats you successfully learned how to boot. See I told ya it wasnt all that difficult.
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booters for newbie
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