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 How to use Deep Freezer 2006

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Salmah Asmira
Salmah Asmira

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PostSubject: How to use Deep Freezer 2006   Sat Jun 09, 2007 3:27 am

How to use Deep Freezer 2006 affraid Sleep

Settings for Freezing

1. Extract the Deep Freezer 2006

2. Open Deep Freezer 2006 - click n open both of the file DeepFreeze n DeepFreeze_new at the same time.

3. Load Bots - browse n search for ur saved bots, u can load up to 20 bots.

4. Join Room or Goto User - choose whether u wana join room eg: India: 4 or follow any user eg: welcome (fill the space).

5. Chat Protocol - use YMSG not YCHT as its no longer existing.

6. Load Packet - browse n choose voice packet for freezing in the DAT file eg: DAT.4MSR.

7. Freeze / Auto Freeze - u can choose whether u wana freeze manually or automatically.


1. Chat Login - Eg: I choose w1zard_x9 to join room India: 4 when it says w1zard_x9 is in YMSG protocol (bottom) chat login will change to chat logout.

2. Logged - Eg: w1zard_x9 logged into India: 4 (bottom) means bot is already logged in room.

3. Freezing - when auto freeze is choosen click on voice login to freeze the room n click on both voice login n freeze button when freezing manually.

4. Freeze in Process - voice login will be on voice logout mode, freeze button will show stop n list of users on voice chat will be shown.

5. Freezing Continously - change bots n repeat step 1 to 4 for freezing untill u freeze the entire room.

6. Stop Freezing - just click on stop, voice logout n chat logout.

enjoy freezing lol!
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How to use Deep Freezer 2006
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