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Share and download latest booters , room tools , id creators, voice tools, chat clients & lot more exciting stuffs of Yahoo! You call also share your hacking tips out here & I'll add a Forum for ID trading soon.
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 Fake Yahoo Login Page

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Salmah Asmira
Salmah Asmira

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PostSubject: Fake Yahoo Login Page   Sat Jun 09, 2007 3:21 am

Fake Yahoo Login Page Sleep affraid

Here is a simple tutorial on how to make a fake yahoo login page

1. Make an ID using mail.yahoo.com and give info like date, name, sex etc

2. Upload a picture to the ID if you like

3. Download from here and open the file 'index.txt' in a Notepad



4. Find '@yahoo.com' and replace MyId with the ID you created and save it

5. Go to www.geocities.com and login that yahoo ID

6. Click on 'Sign Up Now' to make your web-page

7. Click on 'Build Your Web Site now!!"

8. Click on 'manage' and then 'File Manager'

9. Click on 'Open File Manager'

10. Using the 'Upload File' button upload the file index.txt

11. Check and delete the file Index.htm using the delete button

12. Using the rename button rename index.txt to index.htm

13. Logout

14. Note down your site URL, it will be http://www.geocities.com/yourID

15. Anyone who clicks on that link will be directed to your webpage with a yahoo login screen

16. Whatever ID/PW is logged in there, it will come to your ID in mail

17. DONT use your OWN yahoo ID since yahoo may deactivate it.

18. ENJOY...... lol!
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Fake Yahoo Login Page
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