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 Verious ways to Hack Hotmail.

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PostSubject: Verious ways to Hack Hotmail.   Sat Jun 09, 2007 1:25 am

Well i guess that trying to hack hotmail is impossible but if there are some ways then it should be one of those...

Way #1:Keylogger
A keylogger copies all the buttons pressed by the victim in a .txt file,all you need is access to the victims PC with a trojan or even go there with a disc ,this is one of the best ways to get his user-password and log in his account and many more things!

Way #2:Trojan
Some trojans have an option that gets the victims passwords and usernames by pressin a button ,all you have to do is infect him ... (not all of the victims will have the auto-coplete on so this will wont work 100%)

Way #3:MSN proggies
There are some MSN programs for that job (like furax), you send to your friend/victim a file thats 12Kb and when they run it (ask them if they did someway) you type a command in yours-theirs chat window and it logs them off , when they log in again the program will have the username and the password , you type another command in the chat MSN chat window again and the victim sends you automaticaly (and invisible) the user and the password.If you still can find Furax and Hacker Gold on my site beware they dont work, they were for earlier versions of MSN messenger.

Way #4:Brute Forcer
Called brute forcers , some programs made to send multiple password or user/password request to a server, untill they get the right password for the username!This way might take long or might not work at all with Hotmail now but who knows?There are other e-mail providers too...
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Verious ways to Hack Hotmail.
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